Choice between D610 and D800

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Re: Choice between D610 and D800

Rob Tomlin wrote:

lickity split wrote:

Rob Tomlin wrote:

lickity split wrote:

Rob Tomlin wrote:

jtra wrote:

I was making some notes for me to decide which one to buy. It may be useful to others so I reformated the notes into a web page here:

Pretty nice effort, but I just don't understand how you don't list the D800's viewfinder as a (large) advantage over the rectangular viewfinder of the D610.

Both have a 100% viewfinder.


I just don't understand the advantage,besides the shutter lever.

This explains it pretty good:

Have you looked through both eyepieces? I much prefer the round one on the D800 (and my D700).

A 100% viewfinder doesn't mean they look the same. The D7100 has a 100% view but the viewfinder is much smaller and has tunnel vision.

That said, my D600, D4, and D3 all have equal viewfinders to me so I assume the D800 would be the same as my D4.

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