Two cameraa are tossed your way...

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Re: Two cameraa are tossed your way...

If you're asking I'm not sure you really need either one. Seriously, if you don't need crazy high ISO, i.e. don't shoot low light sports or events or anything of this nature, then D3s is probably an overkill. Big, heavy, still very expensive, but otherwise excellent in every way, forgiving with sloppy technique, with dead-on AF, nice rendering, etc, etc. I can't say enough good things about D3s, except when I don't need very high ISO (and I mean VERY high, like over 3200), D700 still does pretty much the same thing being lighter, cheaper, and easier to take around.

On the other hand, D800/e scares me with its huge files which I'm sure would make me want to leave it home when I know I'll be dealing with sorting and processing hundreds of shots. Not forgiving when it comes to sloppy technique, not particularly fast, and with a rather controversial AF history. Yes, I know there are people on this forum who would say that D800 can do just about anything, but I don't think it would be the most optimal tool for many more common applications including most events, sports, most portraits, etc. In my mind, D800/E is a gorgeous landscape camera in the right hands (or rather tripod) and with excellent glass.

I never got a D800 because I think this camera would be more frustrating for me than rewarding. On the other hand I did get a D3s knowing exactly what I would want to do with it. I think you need to sort out how you intend to use the camera before choosing one or the other, or maybe even a third one.

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