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Anyone care to guess when… ?

I do not now see any reason to spend further big bucks on any additional camera gear. My current Oly and Panasonic cameras and lenses already satisfy enough of my current requirements. I am now holding out until a camera manufacturer figures it out …

For those whom believe the mirror is soon to become a relic, just how soon do you guess high-end EVF's in, or on top of, cameras will become relics, as well as screens on the back of cameras?

Consider the alternative: tethered shooting without the tether. Although wi-fi capable cameras have already started this technological trend, I am waiting for the camera's EVF to be placed in some kind of wearable apparatus, either glasses like Google Glass or a headband thingy.

The advantages seem so obvious to me: In the early morning light just before sunrise, or the late evening light just before sunset, I can place my camera on a tripod, set the framing I desire, then sit on the ground as I watch the EVF for the lighting I seek.

How about the street shooter looking at his wearable EVF, or his tablet screen, while pointing his camera in another direction? How much less-intimidating would that be? Perhaps I could even fool my daughter into thinking I am not capturing a photo of her, thus eliminating a quickly turned head, which is her usual reaction.

I am sure many here can find other examples for which to use this tech advance.


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