Another DX/FX Question (610 vs 7100): lens compatibility

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Re: Another DX/FX Question (610 vs 7100): lens compatibility

Just another viewpoint - I'm not saying that it's right!

I was coming from a D300 (which I will not sell - fabulous camera - still has some +points over the 7100!) and was faced with the 'shall I go FX with a 610 or stay DX with the 7100?' I have a mix of lenses, incl the 'classic' 70-200 2.8, which performed amazingly on the D300 and I decided to invest my funds (slightly more than the cost of a 610 body admittedly!) on glass, rather than sensor on the basis that this would make the biggest difference, IMO, to IQ for the stuff that I like to shoot - I bought the 14-24 and 24-70 2.8's which gave me the 'holy trinity' in Nikon world. I do not regret it for one moment.

A bit heavy with those lenses, possibly, but that's where the firesale-priced (no chance otherwise) Nikon 1 comes in (but that's a different subject altogether!) if I don't feel like carrying it

I WILL eventually go FF (when I can stack up some funds) with whatever follows the 610 a few models down the line - but knowing that I have some superlative glass in front of, lets be honest, a great sensor in the 7100 gives me quite a buzz and there's more than enough room to crop if needs be.

You may disagree, but for me the biggest IQ difference these days comes from the glass, less so the sensor.

Best of luck in your choice! 

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You may think that - I couldn't possibly comment.

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