Is SLT dead or alive ?

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Re: Is SLT dead or alive ?

kartikjayaraman wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

kartikjayaraman wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

Mirrorless is about image quality over P&S and Phones not over DSLR/SLT class cameras.. in that case it is about size..

I don't agree with that statement. The A7/A7r deliver image quality that equals or betters the A99. And the A99 is the flagship SLT. And all are the same size sensors.

You can disagree but you are IMHO WRONG...

Yes the A7 has the same IQ.. and slower AF, missing features.. etc. Why would I buy one? Price and SIZE.. A7R does lead the pack for bright light.. slow AF shooting highres shooting terrible camera for action...

I only disagreed your point about the fact "Mirrorless is about image quality over P&S and Phones not over DSLR/SLT class cameras.". That is simply not true. The A7/A7r are a living example of that fact. We are not talking about camera features like AF, missing features etc and which camera to buy here, you mentioned image quality (which translates to how much information a sensor can capture). Mirrorless cameras are no slouches there.

Regarding the slower AF that you mention they are another topic but adding an SLT adapter gives you PDAF (In a test that I read, the A7/A7r with the LAEA4 SLT adapter actually AF faster than a native A mount lens on the A99 due to the improved processor on the A7/A7r). Of course that adds a bit of bulk but that again is a trade off.

So if there are two cameras to test image quality:

1. A7/A7r with an LA-EA4 adapter and A mount lens

2. A99 with the same A mount lens

You cannot conclude that "Mirrorless is about image quality over P&S and Phones not over DSLR/SLT class cameras." The image quality in (1) will meet or exceed (2). And again we are talking image quality only.

But that is not the design focus in the cameras.. the same sensors can go in any camera.. and will.  Its about size..   size and more size.. world's smallest... this.. etc.

Size of a P&S + Sensor of a DSLR = Wonder Twin Powers Activate.. !!! 
  {just really dated myself there}

But only if IQ has nothing to do with empowering the photographer to adapt quickly with control options and better AF.. etc.  Have not looked at the A7 EVF yet.. but I can tell you the NEX EVF I tried was early unusable and in that format an OVF would be too..

There is a massive obsession with the controlled Studio IQ tests that really mean much less when REAL PHOTOGRAPHY is done.. because focus, framing, subject choice, timing, exposure, DOF choices etc. all overwhelm the Micro issues we obsess with in studio tests..

This is one of my favorite photos I tool of the Eiffel Tower.. because it shows something most people would walk right over..  it's a bit dark and a bit graining.. but its better than any studio noise test ever shot..

Gear vs Photography.. Measurements vs Art..

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