Is SLT dead or alive ?

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Re: Is SLT dead or alive ?

nandbytes wrote:

While I'd love to use my new flashy tripod everywhere I simply can't. Whenever I am travelling I end up in places where tripod isn't practical especially during night time. Like when I wanted to get picture of that Japanese bullet train, i could set up my tripod get the perfect shot and miss my train lol or IBIS will help get the picture and get on train lol. Also a lot of times I hand my camera over to people to a picture of me. I give to them in P mode so I cannot expect them to realise the they need to use my tripod and spend 5 min setting it up lol.

Ok, let's leave tripods aside...

Although the stability factor is dependent on focal length, lets take a general scenario of a kit lens 18-55mm. Lets assume you set out to shoot at 35mm where a minimum shutter speed of 1/35 or faster is needed before you risk introducing camera shake and IS is needed:

Most humans can hand hold up to 1/80s easily without causing shake. Some people with shaky hands/arthritis/other medical conditions might need higher shutter speeds for stability. IS is useful for such people. Some with very steady hands can hand hold lower as well as much as 1/10s depending on their skills. At extremely low shutter speeds, you are risking blur anyways, not only due to the hand movement but due to the fact that subject movement may not be frozen (unless you are shooting a statue or architecture or something that is asked to remain still). In those cases as well, increasing ISO one step is an alternate solution. In most real world situations, IMO its not really a big issue unless you are shooting telephoto >200mm.

The bane of IS is that people use high shutter speeds (relative to focal lengths) and tripods and still keep IS on That causes reduced sharpness because you are using something that is compensating things that are not needed. This is why IS lenses have a button on them to turn it off when you don't need it and IS cameras have a disable option in the menu.

The post by KEH above is a good example, with 1/8s shutter speed, the people in the shot are blurred anyways so whether or not you use IS you cannot freeze action. Now in the rare scenario that you want such an effect of "Ghosts" (something not too blurred in the background but totally blurred foreground), maybe IS will help

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