Another DX/FX Question (610 vs 7100): lens compatibility

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Re: Another DX/FX Question (610 vs 7100): lens compatibility

tarheelbost wrote:

jfriend00 wrote:

If you send camera body and lens to Nikon with the report that the focus error is too large to calibrate, what does Nikon say? It seems like this should be a serviceable issue rather than throwing away the body.

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I tried that when I originally purchased and they said that they would charge me (cannot remember total) even though it was under warranty.

That seems like something you can certainly argue with them on (about whether you or they should pay for it).  And, even if they are going to charge you are you willing to throw away your current body and buy a new one rather than pay to have it fixed?  Focus alignment/calibration is a fixable item.

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