The K-3 keeps dropping at

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Re: The K-3 keeps dropping at

JeffAHayes wrote:

I just checked (12:41 a.m., EST, 119/14) and now the price is down to $1,074.35!

Think I'll keep watching and just MIGHT take that bait if it drops low enough, rather than biting on a K-5IIs, instead, which is currently at $743.


P.S. One of the sellers for Pentax gear I've been seeing on Amazon lately is a dealer called Davis Max. I haven't bought anything from them (and they're never available with "Prime" shipping, although I believe their shipping is still free). At any rate, I've just gotten an "uneasy feeling" about them when I'd click on their name and look a bit further.

Here's a quote from someone who bought his K-3 from Davis Max that pretty much validates my uneasy feeling:

"Been using Pentax for over 40 years and have never been disappointed. I don't upgrade often, but it was time. Awesome options and picture quality. The AA filter was the big seller this time.

DO NOT purchase from DavisMax though. Terrible experience. They seem to open the boxes and sell parts out of them. I ordered a body and got a kit box without the lens. They claimed to have sold the lens out of it. Really!! it was only released 2 weeks prior."

While it doesn't appear they sold this customer less than he ordered, taking a "kit" and selling it "piecemeal" like that just doesn't seem "Kosher" to me, and I'm not sure the warranty would still be good, since I believe a warranty is for everything that comes in a particular package.

Caveat emptor.

1056.56 with Prime as of 4:18 EST

Regarding your comments about Davis Max, I have recent experience which may be of interest, but perhaps I'll post in a separate thread momentarily...

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