Another DX/FX Question (610 vs 7100): lens compatibility

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Re: Another DX/FX Question (610 vs 7100): lens compatibility

tarheelbost wrote:

Not to change topics in mid-stream, but I have gone through calibration on both lenses several times to no avail.

Once I hit +/- 15 adjustment, I figured something was wrong with the camera. I used a very high contrast (black on stainless steel) ruler and a tripod with additional weight on top of the camera (to reduce shutter slap) and used a remote trigger. I shot from 3-5 feet away at a 45 degree angle (or steeper), used center point AF, etc. In other words, followed directions posted in forums to the letter.

At no calibration, the lens was 1/8" off from three feet away. I could never get it better than 1/16" off. 1/16" is a HUGE problem as everything is noticeably "off".

If you can think of anything else I can do, I am all ears.

If you send camera body and lens to Nikon with the report that the focus error is too large to calibrate, what does Nikon say?  It seems like this should be a serviceable issue rather than throwing away the body.

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