GX7 ergonomics are awful

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Re: Adding more specific-ness....

larsbc wrote:

Adrian Harris wrote:

Unless the GX7 is held like a compact, it is difficult not to accidentally activate other menu items causing the user to miss the shot. Now I may be the odd one out here, but I consider that pretty unfriendly in the user department for any camera.

I hold my GX7 the same way I hold my DSLRs and previous mirrorless cameras. I never hold it the same way I hold my P&S's. No issues with the ergonomics beyond the occasional time I might accidentally move the AF point by brushing my finger against the screen. I do believe you are the odd one out here.

The only problem I have is occasionally hitting the Display button by mistake. Or when using the EVF, my rather long nose likes to switch off the EVF, or change the focus point. Weird, but manageable. The tilting EVF helps!

Hence my frustrations lie in the amount of photo ops I have missed while using the GX7. The situation will improve as I am gradually modifying the GX7 handgrip to keep my thumb away from the controls, but surely panasonic should have taken that into consideration?

I'm sure they have and unfortunately for you, your method of holding the camera and/or your hand size/shape means puts you into the minority that is not naturally suited to the camera's ergonomics.

Exactly. As with my GH2, with the GX7 I curl my little finger under the body to support it and get it out of the way. The camera strap and strap lug go between by index and middle fingers, or thumb and index finger.

If the ergonomics are so perfect on the GX7, why are manufacturers already making thumbgrip attachments for it?

If the ergonomics are so awful, as you state, then why isn't everybody complaining about it? By the way, who is making a dedicated grip for the GX7? I haven't run across one so far.

Every review I've read mention the ergonomics as being excellent.

The thumb grip/rests, specifically the Fotodiox grips mentioned in other threads, were designed for general use by cameras with hotshoes. I had a short Type A thumb grip for my GX1 and used it with the GX7. It was a bit short for my taste, so I got the longer Type B grip. It does block the AF/AE Lock somewhat, but I use M mode and mostly manual lenses, so never use it. For me, it works better and gives me a more solid grip. But, the add-on grip certainly isn't a necessity.


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