Fullframe: do you consider 50mm as 'standard' ?

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Re: Fullframe: do you consider 50mm as 'standard' ?

As gfspencer and Unexpresivecanvas have observed, it has to do with perspective and nothing to do with sensor diagonal. To expand on that, a standard or normal lens is a lens such that a print (or image on a monitor), when viewed at normal viewing distance, has the same perspective as real life. Thus it depends on how large you are printing and what the viewing distance is.

Let's say you are viewing full-screen on a 27" monitor (diagonal 27". horizontal 60cm) at a distance of 80cm. Then, the rule of thirds is FL/36mm = distance / width or FL = 36mm * 80 / 60 = 48mm (35mm equivalent). If your screen size is larger, or you view it closer, or your sensor size is different, the standard focal length will change. The rule of thumb to use the diagonal of the sensor holds if you view your screen at the same distance as its diagonal.

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