Better Alternative to RED DOT ???

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Better Alternative to RED DOT ???

I posted this in OPEN forum but with FZ-200 frame-rate, (and hotshoe), I didn't want anyone here to miss it.

Red Dot sights may be great for "centering" the camera on a subject, but do nothing to visualize the total image. Good ones are also expensive.

I prefer "sports frames".

Specifically, I have obtained what was called a Nikon "Frame Finder" for NIKONOS cameras. (Also referred to as "Underwater Frame Finder", (since it is an underwater camera). It mounts onto hotshoe, (so your camera must have one.)

That camera (Nikonos) was available for 35 & 80mm lenses so the finder has two different frames built into it. So to be most practical you must preset your zoom to approx. 35 or 80 prior to use but could still be helpful at any zoom setting if you compensate.

Note that the trick to using it is that the frame is "thick", (about 1"), and you position your eye so you only see the "edge", (approx. 6").

I got mine from E-Bay and I notice there is quite a few of them currently listed for around $25.

CAREFUL, (don't get confused), there are also "close-up" metal frames available for Nikonos, I have not used them but since they were designed for very close-up, there may be a parallax-correcting offset built into them. The regular frame finder was designed for normal distances.

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Thanks for reading .... JoePhoto
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