*LF-1* A MIXTURE of examples

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Flat view
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*LF-1* A MIXTURE of examples

Although I’ve been and remain critical of the LF-1’s EVF, I do like the camera overall. When all’s said and done, by far the most important element of any camera’s usefulness in my opinion is the quality of images it produces. So, despite there being no means of adjusting sharpness, noise reduction, contrast, etc., via the LF-1’s in-camera settings, I’m pleased to say I’m generally impressed with the Jpegs that this handy pocket-sized model churns out.

Hence, if it helps those who may be interested in the LF-1, here are a few sample Jpeg images, most of which are straight out of the camera, with just a couple having received a small amount of post sharpening. Obviously all have been resized for uploading purposes, but I still feel they give a good impression of the LF-1’s performance across varying ISO settings, not forgetting of course that the model has a RAW option for those who like to play with images far more than I do.

Truth is, I’m a highest quality Jpeg fan through and through, and the LF-1 gives me no reason to change.

Thanks in advance of viewing.

Regards always,

Stevie Boy

Shot using full I-Zoom

Another I-Zoom shot

Nice level of fur detail here

One of the most photographed scenes in Derbyshire

Zoomed in

Moving up the ISO

Flat view
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