Olympus 45mm f1.8 Broken?

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Re: Olympus 45mm f1.8 Broken?

kovanloo wrote:

I recently received my Omd M1, and yes I am very happy. This weekend I am trying out the lenses that I bought with it. In addition to the 12-40 which seems fine so far, I bought a 17mm and 45mm 1.8, basically to win 1+ stop light, get better subject isolation and because of stealthy-ness of both lenses. Below you see two shots with the 45mm full open (1.8) and one stop down (2.8). Lens is brand new, no filter, standard in camera image sharpening. I don't like the 2.8 (look at those corners), but the 1.8 is horrendous! Did I get a lens which slipped through quality control, or is it really that bad full open??? This would be contradictory to the reviews I have been reading. Your ideas are welcome. I have a couple of days to return this lens that I would like to like.

Thanks, Karel

That does not look right, no. Here's what a healthy copy of the 45/1.8 can do wide open:


Unfortunately, bad copies of this lens do not seem to be all that unusual. My first copy was no good either and I have seen quite a few reports about other bad copies on this forum (more than with any other MFT lens I would think). Here's a post comparing my first and second copy:


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