Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Lens - soon for Pentax

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Re: Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Lens - soon for Pentax

JeffAHayes wrote:

brandrx wrote:

JeffAHayes wrote:

I have no idea WHEN it'll be available in the Pentax, Sony and other mounts besides Canon and Nikon. What I DO know, however, is that it's been SOLD OUT in its two initial mounts (Canon and Nikon) literally from the moment it went on sale!

If this lens truly lives up to its hype, it may not only be the BEST zoom lens ever made, but also the BEST-SELLING ever made, and it's DEFINITELY got me (and likely more than a few others) in limbo between deciding on the Pentax HD Ltd. 20-40 F2.8-40 and IT. The Pentax lens IS WR, whereas the Sigma isn't, but it's also $200 more expensive and 1.3 stops FASTER at its WIDE end, 2.3 stops faster at its LONG end.

Leanardo (Steeve) recently posted a thread with his own review on the DA HD 20-40 F2.8-4, which he has and appears to be quite impressed with. I've come to have GREAT RESPECT for Steeve's postings and opinions, so I don't take them lightly. He's an incredibly gifted photographer and appears to really know what he's talking about.

Some others who have it also responded in that thread that they, too, are quite pleased with the lens and feel it will become another "legendary" Pentax Ltd. lens, like the 77, 43 and 31mm lenses.

I don't know. It may. And I DO like the fact that it's WR (those three lenses AREN'T, by the way). But I DO know that unless I had the $$$ to buy BOTH there's NO WAY I'd buy the 20-40 F2.8-4 lens before reading a comparison between IT and this new Sigma F1.8 zoom. Early reports I've read in photo magazines seem to practically have reviewers swooning and in hypnotic trances, they're so impressed!

The point is Jeff, where and how will you use either of those lenses? Leopold (Steeve) made the right choice for himself and his type of photography. As for myself, if I were inclined to buy one of them, I would also choose the Pentax over the Sigma.

First, my apologies to Steeve for calling him Leonardo instead of Leopold (I hate that you can't peek inside the forum when you're posting to make sure you're getting things like names right!).

Second, I'm not sure why you would choose the Pentax over the Sigma lens without having seen or read comparisons, Ron.


It would not matter to me if even, after a comparison is made, the Sigma beats the Pentax by a factor of 10 in sharpness and IQ, I have no use for a lens such as the Sigma.

If I bought the Pentax 20-40mm it would be because of it's WR and size and the way I would use the lens. I reject the Sigma 18-35mm because of it's lack of WR and it's size. I have no use what-so-ever for that Sigma lens and if I bought it just because it is fast, sharp, and cool, then it would just sit on the shelf unused.

As for Steeve, he got the lens that's available TODAY,

Steeve would have to answer for himself, but I tend to think that even if both lenses were available at the time of his purchase, he would have made the same decision because of the way and under what conditions he uses such a lens.

I am not trying to talk you into or out of anything Jeff. I am sure you will make your own decision based on your own assessement. But for me, there is more to it than just being a fast lens. So, if I had the Pentax lens I would take it with me and use it. If I had the Sigma lens it would sit on the shelf and I could tell all of the forum folk that "wow" dudes, I surely have a fast and cool lens.

Just my 2 cents.


and he appears quite pleased with it, and has posted some very good photos, and I'm happy for him. In MY case, were I to make that purchase, at least PART of it would also be to satisfy my need to also have a FAST lens, as I still have nothing faster than F2.8. So were I to get that lens I'd have a ZOOM lens that's only 2/3 stop slower than an F1.4 and covers a very important part of the photographic range for everything but telephoto pictures.

On a side note, the review I'm about to link was posted Dec. 4, so it may be OLD NEWS to most of you (I just found it), but I simply CAN'T IMAGINE WHY DPReview would have someone review a product they can't use, and would NEVER be in the market for: Sigma 18-35 F1.8 Review

The reiviewer, Steve Butler, BEGINS the review by saying that he's having to review the lens "as if" he might be someone who may one day have a need for it because he can't imagine actually buying one since he can't imagine ever actually owning a DSLR again! Not only do I find it ridiculous to have someone who doesn't even shoot DSLRs review a DSLR lens -- I find it utterly insulting to further have them comment about it in the review. It's as if DPReview is saying they just don't care enough about the members here to have someone who might actually know what the DSLR experience IS do the review!

And he never DOES say what he uses now. Does he just use a camera-phone, or is he shooting medium format... Movie cameras? C R A Y O N S?!?!?


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