Proffessional interest in Mirrorless/M43 overstated...

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Your lack of photography knowledge

topstuff wrote:

Greynerd wrote:

Even then the Sony A7 which is the only contender is a bit of a prototype at present so that would not make me happy. No disrespect to Sony intended.

Bizarre comment.

A7 (R) has better IQ than any Canon. At least the equal of any Nikon too, D800e included.

I see the fanboi statements like this a lot from people who don't understand photography.  These newbies don't understand that that there is much more to taking a picture than a sensor in a camera.  The don't understand how much lenses matter or how the camera performs.  We know that the A7/R both have issues with focusing speed, tracking, performance and accuracy.  We know that that native lenses are almost non existent.  We know that the Nikon D6x0 beats the A7 in everything we want cameras to do.  The only thing the A7 does better is fit in a smaller space when no lens is attached.

I still laugh whenever I read how the A7R can't take 2 pictures a second while focusing, and in normal situations often takes a while to achieve any kind of focus.  It really is a camera made for those who want to always manually focus but don't want to shoot any action whatsoever.

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