Trip to the Airport (Nikon Dƒ, some long lensing, some street)

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Re: Trip to the Airport (Nikon Dƒ, some long lensing, some street)

Patrick McMahon wrote:

i like the first 2 and some of the street shots. (The simulator being the best all around) I wish we had observation decks in the US, don't know of any around me.

Thanks! Lots of airports have observation decks, or at least areas nearby that the local airport rats hang out at.

You can google "plainspotting" and the airport name for tips.

Also, I sometimes look on google maps and see parking areas at the ends of the runways.  There will usually be cars visible because Google only buys images taken in good light.  In most cases, you'll find more than one perspective parking spot.  Remember the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so try to get keep the sun to your back.  If the wind changes, they reverse the runways tho, so that planes there were taking off just over your location will be landing over your head.  I think it doesn't matter, but they do land slower and less dramatically than they take off though.

At Zurich airport, there is actually a little grill exactly across from the observation deck that people flock to when the new Airbus A380 takes off.  It's a common hangout spot for plainspotters and photographers.

i am particularly interested in the back story of your step son's interest in photography, My 6 1/2 year old wants a camera and I would love to share my intrest with him. I may pick him up a coolpix, any pointers are appreciated

For him, photography is a way to more deeply interact with his hobbies.

My stepson shoots exclusively automatic mode, and that's fine. I try to not bore him with photo blah-blah but I'll ask him, for example "don't you think that photo of mom would look better without so much sky over her head?" If he agrees, I'll show him how to crop it in camera. I try to make it a stress-free time.

My tip: Take your son to interesting places and activities that he likes, give him a camera and (very gentle) pointers as he goes.  And even if he's not interested in photography, you'll get good shots and spend quality time with the kid.

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