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VertigonA380 wrote:

The OP is talking about low light, and exposing to the right is the right way in low light with RAW. If in doubt take an identical picture with different exposures and then pull out the shadows in PP. Crop in for noise and it will leave you with no doubt.

How about if I'm convinced I don't need more dynamic range into shadows? From the link posted:

Requires more light than normal, and potentially a higher ISO speed
(which could mitigate any reduction in image noise from ETTR).

Exposing "dark":
Requires less light than normal, potentially enabling a lower ISO speed
(which would offset any increase in image noise).

So...exposing to the right/lighter areas gives less noise, but the use of higher ISO mitigates that.
Exposing darker results in more noise, but the use of lower ISO offsets this increase.

Assuming the resulting noise is equal I'd definitely chose ETTR. However I'm a bit unclear on whether plain reduction of exposure in post will equalize the gain/noise applied from higher ISO...

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