Choice between D610 and D800

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Re: Choice between D610 and D800

wasserball wrote:

Here is another twist...

I made the decision to buy the D600 for $1400 and saved a lot the money. I have the D3s for other shooting requirements.

If I would have D3s, I would also get D600 or D610. D3s would be used for people/event photography while D600 would be used for landscapes and people when weight is issue.

Only reason to go for D800 is so I would have AF capable of chasing my toddler. I sometimes feel limited by AF coverage in my D90, so D610 AF coverage would be even more limited while D800 is about equal AF coverage. Chasing a toddler means AF-C, so no reframing is possible. I can capture more of the scene then crop from corner as workaround, but given I shoot mainly with primes it is not always possible to go a bit back. AF-On button placed reasonably (D800, the AE-L/AF-L redefined to AF-On did not work for me on D90 as it was too far in one hand usage) could be also useful.

I don't need high FPS for people/events, I use bounced flash indoors so it would not keep up anyway.

For landscapes, I would be happy with D600/D610. A resolution difference between D600/D610 and D800 is very small. Just look up entry "17 October 2012" from
There are files from both and difference is there, but minimal. I can identify which has more resolution, even if I downsample both to 16MP, but that is only by closely looking at 1:1 pixels of that 16MP. But I guess only pixel peepers would ever notice. So added resolution is not drawing me to D800 except for occasional DX crop use.

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