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jase wrote:

Nikon on should make a digital S2 compatible with a Leica M bayonet As there are a bazzillion lenses for it out there already. if they could do something über clever so that you could also mount small autofocus lenses that would be cool too. Rangefinders were complicated 80 years ago, now they'd be easy peasy. Nikon made a limited edition new build s2 40 years after the went out of production, its just a pity they stopped and didn't slip a digital back on a few years later.

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I don't think it is easy to design a true rangefinder.

The mechanism is mechanical one of high precision to get accurate ranging and requires a precise optical viewfinder assembly.  It is also prone to periodic adjustment to keep it calibrated.

All of this is doable, but you are talking about a very small market share of potential buyers - smaller than the Df.

That is not enough volume to bring costs down to sub-Leica prices.  If a Df sells for $2,700 Nikon surely will not build a rangefinder for less than that.

Rangefinders are not he future.  I think Sony has demonstrated where technology is headed for small footprint cameras and it is not mechanical in nature.

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