Help, did I screw up my sensor?

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DON'T clean a sensor with a microfiber cloth!

I just read some of the responses you've gotten about the use of a microfiber cloth directly on your sensor (actually that sensor is protected with a thin layer of glass which is what you're cleaning.)

DON'T DO IT! Sorry for shouting but it sounds like you're about to make an extremely damaging and costly mistake. Never touch a sensor with anything but a clean wet swab or a clean sensor brush. A microfiber cloth could contain minute particles and rubbing it on a sensor can scratch that glass layer - permanently. In fact you should never rub anything back and forth on a sensor. Even clean wet swabs should only be used in one direction with one wipe per side, never back and forth.

I've been wet cleaning sensors for many years using a variety of different wet cleaning kits and have experienced the same thing you did on a few occasions. I think it comes from accidentally picking up some lube from the mirror hinges (especially on a new camera) on either a sensor brush or a swab and then the swab just keeps spreading it out in streaks. Repeated wet cleaning will eventually remove the stubborn streaks, but can be costly if you buy your wet-clean supplies from most vendors.

Try Copper Hill. They are the best provider of wet-cleaning kits and related supplies. Their prices are also very reasonable and their kits and materials are first rate. You can also check their site for tutorials.


mactac wrote:

So I had a bunch of dust on my sensor of my d800, and decided to use the visibledust vswabs.

I used one, and it left streaks & marks all over my sensor, and almost a 'film' all over it, like i had breathed on it.

I tried again (finally using all 4 that came in the pack), and still have the same problem. I now have most dust specks, and streaks on my sensor.

Have I screwed this up? the guy at the store gave me these swabs after asking what type of camera I had.

I feel like I just need to get in there with a microfiber cloth or something & clean it up, but I'm obviously reluctant to do that.

How delicate is the sensor in a d800 really? How can I get this thing clean? I don't live anywhere near a place that could clean it for me.

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