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So you end up with a rangefinder camera, but using the huge SLR lenses (instead of taking advantage of the shorter lens to sensor distance possible in the rangefinder). Sounds like having the worst of both worlds. Also, no offense intended, but if you start a thread, couldn't you proofread, or run a spell checker?

I am assuming that you were responding to bikinchris' Post?

I think you are right, you can't use F-mount lenses for a small rangefinder and most of those F-mount lenses have autofocus hardware that is just extra baggage.  Even the AI-S manual lenses are fairly large.

There is a lot of Leica M lenses out there. However, I can't see Nikon willingly relying on another manufacture's lenses for one of their products.

Certainly, it would not be in Leica's interests to partner with any company that is going to build a competing M body.

Which is why I stated that it was probably easier and cheaper to just go out and buy a used M8 or M9 if one really wants a digital rangefinder.

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