Great White Shark Photography

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PepsiCan wrote:

But in such a case I would actually use a polarizer filter instead. This type of filter removes glare from water, so you'll have fewer issues with the water causing your metering to be thrown off.

I read that it's inadvisable to use a polarized filters on anything but a tripod as the light reducing effect has to be compensated by an increase in shutter speed and/or aperture. I also found that the general recommendation was that it's only used in bright conditions, but I will be shooting at sun rise so I expect it to be a little grey out.

As I will be on a rocky boat in (probably) overcast condition it seemed to me that 'the internet' would suggest not using a polarized filter in these condition as it will cause image blur.

I like the idea of cutting down the glare from the water and seeing 'into' the water more but not at the loss of sharpness to the shark.

I have no experience in these matters just going on what I've researched so tell me if I've got it wrong!

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