Help, did I screw up my sensor?

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Stop using Visible Dust

I used to use Visible Dust fluid for a few years and always got frustrated by streaks. I feel like VD is not a good product. Leaves streaking even with a modest amount if fluid. I think it is formulated so that you must use $25 worth of swabs, or more!

Instead, invest in Pec pads, Pec swabs and Eclipse solution - all made by the same brand, Photographic Solutions. Eclipse works great and is an organic solvent that cleans dirt and oil. No streaking and works quickly and easily. I can also make my own swabs too by taking pec pads and wrapping them around older used swabs (after removing the old wrap). I use one to apply the solution and one to wipe and buff.

I know some will frown upon this, but the only way I was able to remove streaks from when I used visible dust fluid is to breathe a bit of moisture vapor from your breath onto the sensor and then use a swab to remove. Somehow the vapor helps to remove the streaks. Sometimes you have to go up and down as well as right to left, and you'll still have to do this a couple times to remove all the streaks. Sometimes blowing air softly while wiping helps to evaporate the vapor if there is too much.

Hope that helps. Cleaning the sensor is quite easy and a routine procedure needed on all sensors periodically.

Again, just throw away the visible dust stuff and get the Photographic Solutions brand products, they are way better. Then, no headache.

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