Another DX/FX Question (610 vs 7100): lens compatibility

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Re: Another DX/FX Question (610 vs 7100): lens compatibility

I don't see anything in your shooting requirements that will particularly benefit from an FX body. As such, I'd say to save $1000 on the body to potentially invest in better glass going forward. In fact, you should be able to get good results with your D7000 too.

A persistent back-focus issue should be correctable with focus calibration for each lens. There's nothing unique about an FX lens on a DX body that would make it more or less likely to have a back-focus issue. Just do focus calibration. If you don't know how, a Google search will find plenty of articles and videos on how to do it properly.

For macro, you should probably just learn how to use manual focus because that lets you put the focus exactly where you want it anyway and the viewfinder doesn't lie about what's in focus so there's never a back-focus issue with manual focus. Besides, your focus target in a macro shot is often not the right size, shape or position to use a focus sensor on and you never want to focus and re-aim the camera in something as critical as macro. You want to set up the shot and then without moving the camera, focus exactly where you want and take the shot.

As for your lenses, your primes should all be able to give you very sharp shots as long as they aren't wide open and you should be able to focus calibrate them pretty easily (since they are primes with only one focal length). The 18-200 is not a particularly sharp lens unless it's stopped down to f/8 and even then, it's not great at the longer end. I own an 18-200 and use it myself occasionally, but only when the flexibility of the super-zoom is more important than the best IQ.

You will not want to use your DX lenses on an FX body.   In shooting with the full FX sensor, the DX lenses will degrade significantly at the edges.  If you put the d610 in DX mode for your DX lenses, then you've lost any advantage of owning an FX camera in the first place yet spent the money on it - which simply doesn't make sense.  With a DX body, you can use either DX or FX lenses.  With an FX body, you really shouldn't plan on using DX lenses for your regular shooting.

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