Is SLT dead or alive ?

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Re: Is SLT dead or alive ?

kartikjayaraman wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

Mirrorless is about image quality over P&S and Phones not over DSLR/SLT class cameras.. in that case it is about size..

I don't agree with that statement. The A7/A7r deliver image quality that equals or betters the A99. And the A99 is the flagship SLT. And all are the same size sensors.

K E Hoffman wrote:

.. but optical IBIS is not coming to e-mount. (may come up with an electronic version) However... even the size has value.. to many shooters.. like shooting large lenses etc.

From all that I have read about IS...I think IS only matters if your shutter speed is slower than the inverse of the focal length you are shooting. So lets see the scenarios:

- If you are shooting indoors lets say at 35mm, you will need to use a shutter speed of 1/50 or above to be in the safe zone where IBIS does not come into play. In any case people who shoot such low shutter speeds should use a tripod.

- If you are shooting telephoto, you will mostly be freezing action like sports or birds. In this case, lets say you use a 300mm lens, you will be shooting at least 1/400 or better any ways. Anything lower, you will risk introducing blur whether or not you use IS.

There are telephoto options coming up for Sony mirror less cameras just in case people want to use OSS lenses anyways. People have been shooting cameras without IS for years. The IS only matters to a short segment of the population who choose to shoot at shutter speeds not fast enough for the focal length being shot.

While I'd love to use my new flashy tripod everywhere I simply can't. Whenever I am travelling I end up in places where tripod isn't practical especially during night time. Like when I wanted to get picture of that Japanese bullet train, i could set up my tripod get the perfect shot and miss my train lol or IBIS will help get the picture and get on train lol. Also a lot of times I hand my camera over to people to a picture of me. I give to them in P mode so I cannot expect them to realise the they need to use my tripod and spend 5 min setting it up lol.

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