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Re: Nikon AI-s lenses - quality tests

as1mov wrote:

Thanks much.

Lenstip confirms that I did a good choice buying the 28mm f2 AI-s. It gives a five to the 24mm f2.8, which I'd like to considere now. And it gives five to the 35 f1.4, which I planned to buy.

The only surprise to me is the 20mm f2.8, it gets 4. According to Ken Rockwell's tests it is the best of the pack: (ok, this test is only about sharpness).

Would you buy this lens for landscape photography (if you do not mind MF and want a prime lense with excellent performance)?

I could also consider the Zeiss 21mm but the price is intimidating.

P.S.: Stephen, thanks for the link to photozone. Do you have the pages with the test diagrams (sharpness etc.)?

If you want a really super sharp AI manual lens then try the Micro Nikkor 55mm f3.5. Slow but outstanding sharpness at all focal lengths and apertures. The very long smooth focus throw makes it easy to nail precise focus. I am blown away using this lens  on my Df.  It  has wow factor and I now use it as my preferred standard lens. They are ridiculously cheap too these days for what you get. Less  than a 100 bucks for a  good example. I have the Nikkor 20mm f4 which I like but I don't have other lenses of similar focal length to compare it with.

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