D7000 pictures overexposed at low temperatures

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good call

Stephan Def wrote:

Hello, thanks for coming back and letting us know that it is the lens. I like it when I can help people solve problems by just thinking thru the problem logically.

It gives me some second thoughts though as to why this is not happening on your Tokina Lens, what the difference is in the Aperture Mechanism. The G stands for a special kind of Aperture which can only be controlled by the Camera electrically, that may be an important clue to the source of the issue. Anyway its temperature related and I think mechanical.

G means the aperture can't be changed manually (no aperture ring). The Tonika will operate the same as his Nikon lens when set to change aperture automatically. Tolerances on the Tonika may allow for the possibility of less sticking potential.

Lenses are known to display this kind of behavior if they get aged and the lubricant on the Aperture Blades gets gued up and it will be temperature related because the lubricant will get more viscos at higer temperatures and then the problem goes away. If the lens is still is under warranty and you have a service center near you, you may want to chat with Nikon about it, telling then it does not happen on your other lens. There may be something they can do about it. Otherwise just keep the lens warm somehow, a stocking might help

Getting the lens serviced seems a good call as the problem may get worse and start sticking in not so cold weather.

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