"Patience is Bitter...

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Re: "Patience is Bitter...

Doctor Lecter wrote:

...but its fruit is sweet." —Aristotle

I keep thinking of all these poor saps who are cutting their line and running into the hands of Canikon. BAD move, IMHO.

Yes, we were all saddened by the lack of the hoped-for E-7... but Olympus did not abandon us. I haven't tried the EM-1 yet, but it does work, and work well, with 4/3 lenses.. and the next generation will likely be seamless.

Photography is changing in MAJOR ways right now. It's almost like the early days when film was first getting stomped on by digital, and hold-outs (like me) said, "digital will never be as good as film.." well, we know what happened there.

Now it's the end of the DSLR... the mirror is soon to be a relic. Why, why, why would you dump your Oly gear and buy into another DSLR system?

Olympus and m4/3 seem to be the cutting edge of ILCs... rave reviews. We've got great lenses and a path forward.

Just my 2 cents.

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Dr. Lecter

I totally agree. I wanted to upgrade my E510 for about a year, but held out on rumours of the E7. Then it turned out the EM1 was the official replacement, so I bought that.

And the big revelation has been the EVF - these things are game changing! I am now firmly in the camp who see the SLR mechanism as not long for this world. A legacy mechanical solution to a film era problem versus a very rapidly evolving feature rich fully electronic solution: there is only ever one winner in such battles.

And when Canikon decide they can switch without compromising AF or viewfinder performance compared to their current DSLRs, I expect the transition to happen very quickly. It will start at the bottom end where OVFs are pretty rubbish anyway, and work its way through the range as people start to realise the massive feature set unlocked by having the entire functionality of the camera accessible in the viewfinder and the advantages of WYSIWYG.

So don't switch, evolve!

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