Want to do a wet sensor clean myself

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Re: Want to do a wet sensor clean myself Question.... Robin et al

Robin Casady wrote:

primeshooter wrote:

Which wet sensor cleaning kit do you recommend that i can buy from a UK site, preferrably amazon.co.uk? Tired of sending my camera off to nikon as have always done this. Please advise. (d800 full frame kit)


IMO, Visible Dust products are over-priced. If you cannot get Copper Hill Images products in the UK, consider getting one or more generic swabs, a pack of PEC PADs (Peter Piper picked a pack of PEC PADs...) to replace the pads on the swab, a bottle of Eclipse liquid, and a Nylon cosmetic brush.

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Robin Casady
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Hi Robin,

Seems quite a current topic.

A question, I remember seeing (thought it was on Rob Galbraith's site, but cannot find the reference on his right now, but found on another site), a method to substitute a mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol and Windex or water, on the site I have found it is stated as a mixture with Windex.

Have you or anyone you know used this to good effect (with Pec Pads instead of Eclipse)?


See the bottom of the page here: quote ''Canon - Blower and a Kimwipe, held by tweezers. They do not like to use fluid but when necessary they use either 90% isopropyl alcohol or a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and Windex.''

at www:


As I said, I came across this elsewhere as well.

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