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Back in the 1970's I had a Pentax KX SLR with a standard F1.4 50mm lens, 50 mm F4 macro, and a 200mm F4 telephoto lens, so when I purchased my first DSLR a few months ago I also got a Fotodiox Pentax K - Nikon F lens adapter.  This has a lens in it that will affect image quality - very badly according to some posts above - but retains the infinity focus.  I have taken a number of photos using the Nikon D3200 with the 50 macro and the 200mm lenses attached.

Of course, these Pentax lenses only work in manual mode on the D3200, but (I think) they are quality lenses - very smooth and solid.  Focus is easy in live view - pressing the + button to enlarge the image on the screen.  I have had no real difficulties getting the exposure correct either.  On the computer screen the images look pretty good to me.  The Pentax 200mm lens has a longer reach than the standard 55-200mm Nikon kit lens on max (200mm) zoom.  An object is about 24% wider with the former.

I'm quite pleased with the magnification achieved with the Pentax 50mm macro lens too.  I have not taken any serious photos with it yet - just the newspaper (while watching TV).  At closest focus the full frame corresponds to 22 x 33 mm of the subject.  That's much better than I can achieve with the 18-55 Nikon kit lens.

So far, I am quite pleased with the results I am getting from these old lenses - well worth the $40 or so that the Fotodiox adapter cost.  I am looking forward to taking some photos of decent subjects - especially with the macro lens.  I accept that the results may not be as good as what could be achieved with some decent Nikon prime lenses (but I'm not about to spend that kind of money - at this stage anyway).  Much better, I think, to use the lenses I already have (which otherwise are just in a cupboard).  I nearly sold them a few years ago - but wasn't happy with the miserable amount I was offered.  Pleased now that I kept them.  Besides, having to use manual settings (rather than have the camera figure everything out) is  a good learning experience.

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