Want to do a wet sensor clean myself

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Re: Want to do a wet sensor clean myself

There is a lot of stuff written about self-cleaning vs not doing it and most of it is mythology. If you are capable with your hands (i.e. not a total klutz) you will be fine if you do your research.

I clean all of my camera sensors when I need to (D90, D700, D800) and have had no problems. The only thing to be aware of is that when you do it, be ready to take an afternoon if necessary. Some will tell you they can clean a camera in 10 minutes, but in my experience that is nonsense. If you do it properly it will take a minimum of an hour but can take much longer, and you may need to do it, and redo it and redo it. It may never be 'perfect' (with no dust at all) but it can be really close.  I started cleaning my own after spending hundreds of dollars at a camera store (the local official Nikon repair place) and it coming back almost as bad as it went in.

I have tried the really expensive ready-prepared cleaning wands, but the best seems to be the stuff from Copperhill. They have a number of kits available and some excellent videos, and for the cost of 2 camera store cleans you can set yourself up for a couple of years.

Remember that you are NOT cleaning the sensor but a filter that sits on top of the sensor. Even those cameras without the AA filter (like the D800e) still have a filter in front of the sensor.

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