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Re: Nikon or Sony

Here's my experience owning similar cameras, which might help your buying decision.

I own the Nikon D7000. Previously, i had the Sony SLT-A65. For me it boils down to SLR vs SLT.

For my style of shooting (mostly flying birds/aircraft), i much prefer an optical viewfinder over an EVF. I find the jerky lag in the EVF in burst mode extremely distracting and makes it very hard to track erratic flying objects close by (as it is, its hard with an OVF and long lens

Also, having taken a large number of shots with each (in Raw), the High ISO image quality of the Nikons (D7000, D3100 in my case) are much better than that of the A65. This is purely my subjective opinion. As i use high shutter speeds most of the time, with a slow consumer telephoto, i can't avoid high ISOs.

Also, the EVF/LCD of the SLT are power hogs and battery drains relatively quickly.

For me, the main advantage of the A65 was its phase detect autofocus in video. It's outstanding. In comparison, Nikon's video autofocus is next to useless.

Finally, for static subjects at low ISO (or even objects moving predictably), i didn't find any difference in the end results of both cameras.

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