Help, did I screw up my sensor?

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Re: Help, did I screw up my sensor?

... it's good you resisted wiping it with a micro fibre cloth!  The actual sensor is actually under a AA and/or IR filter (sorry.. not exactly sure what glass is stacked atop the D800 sensor).  The sensor itself is not damaged, but to the IR filter could be scratched.  If you didn't press too hard with the swab and get a hard bit of dirt under it, I do not think there will be any permanent damage. The only way to know for sure is to have it professionally cleaned and have it checked for scratches.

I've used the Visible Dust swabs on my D200 sensor because I got tired of fixing all the black dots on my pictures. After the first go, I had streaks too and wondered if I made a judgement error in cleaning it myself.  After watching the tutorial video and reading the instructions several times over, my second attempt was perfect.

In the future, make sure you thoroughly clean your work area, were a short sleeve lint-free shirt, turn on a evaporative humidifier, and use a blower bulb and vacuum to clean inside the camera, before putting the swab on the sensor.  I wish that would have been recommended on the instructions.  That kind of attention to dust is what we used to do when handling negatives.

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