Help, did I screw up my sensor?

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Re: Help, did I screw up my sensor?

mactac wrote:

So I had a bunch of dust on my sensor of my d800, and decided to use the visibledust vswabs.

I used one, and it left streaks & marks all over my sensor, and almost a 'film' all over it, like i had breathed on it.

I tried again (finally using all 4 that came in the pack), and still have the same problem. I now have most dust specks, and streaks on my sensor.

Have I screwed this up? the guy at the store gave me these swabs after asking what type of camera I had.

I feel like I just need to get in there with a microfiber cloth or something & clean it up, but I'm obviously reluctant to do that.

How delicate is the sensor in a d800 really? How can I get this thing clean? I don't live anywhere near a place that could clean it for me.

So you're saying these guys, I just saw on the Web don't exist anymore?

I can't make any suggestions other than that since I've never wet cleaned a sensor. The one time I accidentally did more harm than good (had some foreign matter on an Arctic butterfly brush) and added more stuff than I took out, I sent it out to a guy locally here in Florida who cleaned sensors (he used to work for a now defunct camera store -- I found him through word of mouth).

I've only seen microfiber cloths recommended for use outside the camera (again through google).

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