Adding a 2nd camera to my GH3?

Started Jan 19, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Adding a 2nd camera to my GH3?

Last year I purchased a GH3 as my 1st purchase into the MFT arena.  I also opted to buy the Pany 12-35mm and 35-100mm lens, plus I have since added several primes.  I have been extremely happy with the GH3 and it is a fabulous camera for both stills and of course great great video.  Next month I am planning on adding a 2nd  carry around camera, and I have to admit this 2nd camera is a a lot more difficult for me than when I added the GH3.

My GH3 fits like a glove in my large hands so as opposed to the Olympus OMD E-M5 (which was really way  too small), I felt Panasonic was the logical way to go.  I wanted great stills and I also wanted to do much more video.  2013 has been a fun and interesting year, so 2014 I want to complete my purchases with a few more prime lenses (Voigtlander 17.5, the Voigtlander 25mm and the Olympus 75mm).  I also want to add a 2nd  camera with the  emphsis on stills quality.

My choices will be from essentially three cameras:  the Olympus E-M1,  the Fuji X100s, and the Panasonic GX7.  I am drawn to the Olympus E-M1 first and foremost for many reasons, but largely the very great image quality, the image stabilization, and the long list of other features that simply make it a great great camera right now in January 2014. Also, I can use any of my existing of new MFT lenses on the Olympus.  It is probably a no-lose decision as a added camera (not unlike the GX7).

My 2nd choice is actually the Fuji X100s.  Yes, not MFT, a fixed lens camera, and none of my existing lenses could ever be used on that Fuji camera.  My attraction is three-fold;  I love the 35mm equivalent focal length this camera offers , it is quite simply a great great great camera, and lastly I am always amazed by the fabulous Fuji colors and images this camera can generated. I must admit, I find it very appealing and challenging to think of using a fixed 35mm equivalent as a 2nd carry around camera could and would be for me.  I actually hope it could believe it cold help me in my pursuit of improving any skills as a potential "photographer."

My last choice would be the Pany GX7.  Also without a doubt a great great camera to own and use.  A little less expensive than the Olympus plus probably a more familiar and user friendly menu system given I have used the GH3 a lot this last year.  Of  courose, it too could use all my many MFT lenses I have now and plan too add during 2014.

My only hesitation on either of the two MFT cameras is how much image quality improvement (if any) I might actually realize from either the E-M1 or GX7.  I seriously doubt it will be all that significant, although the image stabilization for my primes could be a big plus.  My biggest temptation if any is to simply bite the bullet on the Fuji and utilize it as a great carry around fixed lense "reasonably small (for my big hands) 2nd camera.

Any food for thought or suggestions on a 2nd camera with my GH3???   Thanks for your help!


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