Am I crazy to consider E-P5 instead of E-M1?

Started Jan 18, 2014 | Questions thread
DonSC Senior Member • Posts: 1,032
Not crazy but a mistake

I have the E-M5, the E-M1, and the PEN I and IV. The E-M5 is a PEN with a VF and I can't think of wanting to take a PEN instead of the E-M5 since they more or less are the same size with the same capabilities. The E-M1 on the other hand is a very different camera. The specs may not show this but it's quite a bit larger. In practice it handles like a small dSLR.

The E-M1 is a much better camera for most shooting than the E-M5. You mention action, and it is much better for that, but the much better VF and larger and better layout make it much better for even simple things like landscapes.

Get the E-M1. You can use it when you have more serious opportunities and the E-M5 when you want something smaller and less obtrusive. A PEN would just be redundant of your existing capabilities; the E-M1 would expand them.

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