Is SLT dead or alive ?

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Re: SLT mirror & noise

Ari Aikomus wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

LeicaBOSS wrote:

I have an A77 as well. I like it, and understand your A65 is just as good - but the SLT is kind of a stop-gap. They needed to do something different (because they were getting destroyed by everyone else) and the market rewarded the SLT with a tiny 1-3% market share.

It's the SLT mirror, dude - most people don't trust it. They don't like it. It's got to go!

And it will go as soon as they fine tune the on-chip AF.


Not sure about "Most" but yes it is something new... like them damned motorcars scaring the horses.. and people make odd assumptions.. I get the concern about the light loss as I do astrophotography sometimes.. I was very sensitive to that until I did some real thinking about it.

As much as I love shooting with my Sony SLT camera, I have a very hard time to forget that there's that damn SLT mirror between the "pure optical path", a mirror that degrades the image quality a little bit...Just a little bit - but still.

I have found, and I feel that the SLT mirror increases image noise a bit - if compare to cameras without SLT mirror (but with same sensor). That " a stop gap" can be too much for someone, especially when there are a number of cameras without this technology.

SLT technology is a compromise solution, with which you can live happily, if you don't think about it too much In other words: if you're not a perfectionist (unfortunately, many of the photographers are).

pixel level variations discovered under highly comtrolled test settings have nothing to do with photography. They are about gear obsession, which I participate in.  Once photography starts, the number of variables added to to the system overwhelms the level of precision revealed in tests

Much like doing detailed research on a dealer to make sure its ok to buy from them because they are 5 cents cheaper then B&H.


In any case it is very clear that the SLT technology is temporary solution. Sooner or later the SLT mirror is going to be history...But before that I'm going to enjoy what I have now : a well-functioning SLT camera, a very useful tool for photography!!

But I never really worried about the loss of IQ from it.. even on SLRs people worry about mirror slap. We over analyze systems here.. most people just buy a camera. Then there is the loss of IQ because of IBIS worry some used to have.. it is a moving sensor.. etc.

In reality the mirror is just a stop gap in any system that has an imaging sensor instead of film. Liveview hitting DSLRs was the beginning of the end of the mirror. Sony just got to where everything will go eventually.

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K.E.H. >> Shooting between raindrops in WA<<
Don't Panic!.. these are just opinions... go take some pictures..

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