recommend a wide zoom for d600

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Re: recommend a wide zoom for d600

16-35 has issues at either extreme of the zoom range.

At 16mm it is distortion.

At 35mm it is going soft.

You also have a penalty of f4.  While you may stop down to f8 or more, your camera opens up the aperture as wide as it gets to focus.

For the 14-24mm that is f/2.8.  For the 16-35mm that is only f/4, which the VR can not fix.

The 14-28 does have an issue with focus shift between f/2.8 and about f/5.6, but sharp across the corners at almost any zoom range and very low distortion.

As said before, everything has its price, so you really need to understand all of the limitations of each lens and what it is good at.  You also need to know what it is you really need.

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