Nikon 500mm or Sigma 500mm lens for safari?

Started Jan 18, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Nikon 500mm or Sigma 500mm lens for safari?

Don't assume that the Nikon teleconverters will work with this Sigma lens. It may or it may not and that would result in two sets of teleconverters.

I don't know about the Sigma but I recently purchased the Nikon and it is incredible with all three Nikon teleconverters. The autofocus and image quality is good even with the 2x so it becomes a very usable 100mm f8 lens (and there are several cameras now with f8 AF sensors like the D800 and D7100).

With the Nikon lens I truly have a 500mm f4, 700mm f5.6, 850mm f6.3, and 1000mm f8 set of lenses and need only deal with the added weight of 3 teleconverters.

With the Sigma lenses I would be more inclined to buy or rent the 150-500mm f5.6~6.3 lens or take/rent the Nikon 80-400mm f4.5 or 200-400mm f4 zoom lenses. You don't want to be changing lenses while out shooting and zooms are an option over carrying two cameras (and even then I would have the 70-200mm on the backup camera).

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