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Your legs will absorb more shock then a tripod on a boat, but your arms may want a tripod. My understanding is that these trips last for hours. If you got 10 breaches that would be a lot, so that's a long time looking and holding a camera with a big lens for just a few seconds. You probably won't shoot much at 2.8 given the dof and size of the shark. So you might want consider other lenses like the 200 f4. Or a 135mm etc. I would want the IQ of a prime once you figure out the sizes involved. I agree practice will be key. Another idea is to bring a laptop and wireless tether. You will want to see these shots right away incase something goes wrong, you can correct it before the next shark.
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I don't thnik a tripod will work. They're meant to be on a stable platform and a boat on the sea is clearly not. It will amplify the movements. A monopod maybe...

But here is another suggestion. We've focussed on big, heavy lenses like the 200mm F2, 70-200mm F2.8 etc. At the same time we've also advised against shooting wide open for depth of field reasons.

TADA!! Nikon 70-200 F4. When used wide open it is sharp and when stopped down by a 1/3 stop even more so. But it is also considerably lighter than all the other lenses we've suggested and it has the latest VR III technology.

Sure you give up the ability to use 2.8 if you want to. And you give up weather sealing. But you keep the advantage of zoom, have the same fast focus (so I hear, I never shot the 2.8 version, but my f4 is faster than all my other lenses AF-S lenses). and you gain the loss of a lot of weight. That makes your arms hold out longer, but it also gives you a lower center of gravity which means you're more stable. The Vr3 on the lens will also be slightly better compared to the vr2 under certain circumstances.

Rent the lens, try it out, get busy in the gym and start shooting traffic coming a round the corner (to simulate the sudden appearance).

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