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Re: Canon efs 60 macro lens or ef 100 macro for beginner

Stollen1234 wrote:

Trank you for your Input. Which flash do you use? Is it Importanz to Start with a Tripolis at the beginnt if yes. What to consider Wehen Büdingen one

You can start off with the on camera flash coupled with a decent diffuser. There are plenty of designs for home made ones on these forums. Or you can use any normal external flash gun, again with a diffuser and preferably off camera with a bracket. Again, there are plenty of designs for diffusers available on here. Currently I am using one that cost me under £5 on fleabay.

If you go with an off camera one do not be tempted to go for a big flash gun. I sometimes use my 600 RT and while it works well it is awkward at times. I have a little 280 that does the trick nicely.

There are also dedicated macro flashes. I hate the light from the ring type flashes for insects but they are fine for shooting products etc. There are also macro twin flashes such as Canon's example which is great to use but does take a bit of learning and some diffusion as the light can be a bit harsh without a bit of care.

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