What camera for $400-$450? Have Nikon D5100 and Canon T3i, any others?

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Re: Canon "cure" for Lighted Background

007peter wrote:

Ricky Bobby wrote: We bought a Nikon D5100 ($429) and a Canon T3i ($437) with the 18-55 kit lens for Xmas. Using both, I like some things about the Nikon (flash shots still allow the background to be bright)

You can make Canon take (lighted backdrop) as well by using Tv set @1/30 ~ 1/40s.

Canon default to 1/60s whenever a FLASH is required. 1/60s produce very STABLE IMAGE (less blur) but the cost of illuminated backdrops.

If you want to expose the backdrop, try using the Tv (Shutter-Priority) and set it to 1/30s ~ 1/40s. This will expose and illuminate the backdrops.

OK I was able to change the settings as you described and it worked! The Canon now takes photos indoors like the Nikon. Great tips.

This is our first bout with an adjustable SLR camera so I am learning the ropes as I go.

What I still see however is the Canon taking much more crisp images, indoors and out. I suppose that is attributed to the 18 vs 16 mega pixel rating on it.

When I put the Nikon in "vivid" mode the images are more like the Canon's in that they "pop". So that is solved as well.

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