Pricing for Product Photos?

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Re: How much of a friend?

@D Cox. I get that, it is a different kind of occupation, all these $1,000 quotes just kind of took me by surprise. I'll probably ask for something that equates to about $15/hr if he doesn't give me much of an initial offer, given my inexperience and lack of pre-shoot agreements. Thanks Cox.

@MikeGF. Thanks Mike. he's out of town for the weekend so I probably won't talk to him again until Monday or Tuesday, but I'll definitely post the final agreement.

@JohnMatrix. Cheers John. This is exactly my plan.

@Stephan Def. Yeah that's not cool. Hopefully you two have either worked things out or went your separate ways.

The guy I took the photos for is a pretty good guy and will give me some cash regardless. So like you said, I'll probably just let him make an offer and then mention the street price as sort of a "this could've been A LOT more expensive had you hired a pro", and hopefully he brings me back for future jobs. Thanks for the advice Steph Def.

@DinoSnake. Fo Sho. I get that, I was just trying to equate it to an hourly wage for comparison reasons.

It should have been based on what was previously agreed upon, but because of a lack of pre-shoot agreement on my part, it's now become basically what's "fair". I'm completely fine with taking the lower price at the moment and just chalking this one up as a 'learning experience'. Lessons learned...

Thanks for the responses so far everyone. It's all very much appreciated. I'll talk to him sometime next week and get back to those of you still interested in the final outcome. Thanks.

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