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Re: Amazon will ship your replacement BEFORE you return your lens

I use B & H a lot just to research products...they are my photography equipment Google.  When I am ready to buy something, I check them first because over the years they have always been a model vendor and their internet site is probably the best I have seen, and their search engine works great compare to many others.

A good example of their business practices...I bought a Canon 55-250mm lens and got a less expensive hood than the Canon.  It would not mount backwards at all, and with difficulty when mounted frontwards.  When I wrote the review for it, I mentioned this and would not recommend that anyone else buy it.  Fast forward:  For the price, I didn't want to mess with returning it, so just ordered the Canon hood which worked perfectly.

About a week later, I received an email from them apologizing for the defective product and stating that they were sending me another one for free.  I received it a few days later.  Now I have two of them that don't work properly.  8)  Point is, who else would do that?  I guess I will have to send them back, demand that they do not give me credit, and let it die...other than their reporting this to the hood manufacturer.

A happy long term customer...

bob snow

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