Autofocus issue with Sigma 10-20mm? Help!

Started Jan 15, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: I have come to a different initial conclusion

So I went to the shop today where I bought it from.

He assured me that these are very good lenses and that they have not had one return of the 10-20 lenses, even though they are selling well (so he said).

Anyway, I showed him the problem: I placed a brochure i found in his shop about 40cm away, focussed and took a picture using live view. Then without moving the camera I went out of live view and focussed again. The focus ring immediately moved every time I half-pressed the shutter button. I took 2 pictures - both came out-of-focus.

He suggested to test a new lens because he had one just like it in stock in the shop. We tried it and guess what - it performed exactly the same as mine. So he wouldn't accept that mine is faulty as the new one performed exactly the same (and the serial numbers weren't close).

He then suggested to take it to their main shop, where he said that someone would be able to calibrate it using a USB dock. I checked about this but I found out that the USB Dock is not compatible with the 10-20mm lens.

Any suggestions?

From my side, as I told the salesman... if we conclude that all Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 lenses are like this, I am definitely NOT happy with it. It makes me sad really because I love it's photos when taken in live view!

Oh and one last thing. I tried both 10-20mm lenses on another body (a new D5300) but autofocus did NOT work in live view. So we couldn't make conclusive tests on it. After a quick web search it appears that there are in fact autofocus issues with the D5300. Shame.

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