Olympus 25mm f/1.8 images and price

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Re: Nice to have choice, but/because....

Jorginho wrote:

We don't know how well these will perform. Bar the caplens, it will most likely be good. But....
12-32 mm as FL is more interesting than 14-42.

Says you...

I'd prefer the extra reach

Purely based on this, the Panny wins.

Why? That's a very trite thing to say.

It also has OIS...quite incredible.
25 mm f1.8. Lets assume it is as good as the 45 mm version. At 250 euro, great. But there are busloads who have the 20 mm 1.7.

There are busloads that don't though....

The 20mm is slow and rattlesnakes... not a good lens for video, not fast focusing... not a standard focal length (never liked 40mm..)... bokeh tends to be harsh and gritty. The 20mm, while a fine choice, is not the be all end all prime lens.

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