Nikon Df and some bird pictures in low light

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Re: Nikon Df and some bird pictures in low light

DigitalPhilosopher wrote:

I was comparing it to my D700, which is much older technology. Admittedly, the latter is a 12MP sensor, but I think the difference is still pretty interesting.

OK, this is not a scientific test obviously, but I paired your 1600 shot with a 6400 shot from my D700 I've been discussing about recently in the forum. IMO the D700 output is rather similar in terms of noise, which is quite a surprise I think...

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D 700 output is very clean, as is that of D3, which I used before d800. One reason I wanted Df is come back to D3/ D4 output which I like more than that of d800. All my pictures here are cropped and resized a lot and it effects output, too. With Df raw picture I have not used noise reduction at all.

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