D7000 pictures overexposed at low temperatures

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Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Battery power goes down significantly at the temperatures you mention.

If the batteries are reasonably warm at the start of the session it may take them an hour or so to cool enough not to provide enough power for the camera to operate normally. As you report the batteries work good when they warm up.

A common workaround is a second battery in a warm inside coat pocket and to rotate the batteries during the shooting session.

Doubtful it's a battery only issue as everything else seems to be operating fine. Cold would allow for same voltage from the battery but problems with high voltage ops like AF. You would also notice reduced battery life. Mirror rise would slow or stop. His only issue is overexposure... Likely blades and not battery....but definitely cold related. Fresh battery might provide a little more current to override (break loose) sticking blades, though. With only a cold battery issue though, focus speed issues would likely be noticed first.

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Leonard Shepherd
Great images are often of good subjects.
If they are great images does what lens, body or technique was used matter more than the skill of the photographer?

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