want to know is nikon 7100 is good for landscape photogeaphy ?

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Lets put it this way...

I shoot nothing but landscapes. The majority of my work till last year was done with 12MP DX cameras. I print up to 40" x 60" for my customers using those 12MP files.

If I did not need all the pixels I can get for my huge prints I would be using the D7100 right now instead of the D800. The D7100 is a superb landscape camera. It has 24MP, so printing VERY large should be a breeze, it has great dynamic range, the color quality is rather good.

I would say that probably 90% of its owners would be hard pressed to get the most out of the camera...so there will always be room to grow with this very capable unit.

Depending on your budget, you will want to get a nice set of zooms that maximize the output of the camera.

3 zooms that would not be too heavy and have VERY good quality without breaking the bank would be as follows.

Super Wide:

Bang For The Buck - Tokina 11-16 or 12-24 or 12-28 for your super wide. Built like a tank, doesn't break the bank. I had the 12-24 and it was my go to lens in most cases for 9 years on my D70, D2X, and D300.

Best you can get - Nikon 14-24

Mid Range Zoom:

Bang For the Buck - Nikon 16-85 AF-S VR

Best You can Get - Nikon 12-24

Long Lens:

Bang For The Buck - Nikon 70-300 AF-S VR

Best You Can Get - Nikon 70-200 VR II

If you don't have one yet....get a good tripod. Don't skimp here.

Budget about $600 for a good set of legs and ballhead if your doing bang for the buck....

Budget about $1200 for "best you can get" quality.

Cable Release

Polarizer - buy a 77 mm unit and use step down rings for your smaller lenses. That way your not spending a lot of money for a good polarizer x3.

Hope this helps....


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